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[Roadster] Lee Chatterton
Model A Ford Parts
and Upholstery Kits

We make complete interior upholstery kits for Model A cars and trucks.
Our trim kits are made to order and are tailored as stock as possible.
We have closed car and truck outside top kits and visors too.
All kits are shipped by UPS.

We also make tops and side curtains for open cars.
Installation of these are in shop only to insure perfect fit.
We do not sell yard goods.

We're your source for your headliner, panels and windlace, seat covers,
carpets, and rumble compartments.

Write or phone to request prices and samples for interior trim
by year and body style, deluxe or standard.

Established 1971

Lee Chatterton
6589 Central Ave
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913
Phone: (501) 525-8727
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Central Time

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