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16 West Jackson Street, Medford, OR 97501

Since 1983 - Model A Mufflers built exactly to original Ford Design,
with correct gauge material and original baffling system

Why Buy an Aries Muffler?

1. The flange is the right size and shape. It actually fits correctly and requires no bending or adjustment. Once clamped to the manifold, it will not come loose. By using a small amount of muffler sealer, you can achieve a permanent seal to the manifold.

2. The Original Design provides for very low back pressure. Less than 25% of the back pressure of the low cost alternative. It's quieter but still has the same "putt, putt" sound!

3. This means more power and a slightly lower operating temperature at full load or high speed. Dyno Tests have shown an 8% increase over the low cost muffler.

4. All tubing is the same size throughout the tube; Mandrill bending is used as originally specified, maintaining the full cross-section at all points along the pipes.

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Manufacturers of the best, original Model A Muffler you can buy!

We also manufacture a very high quality muffler clamp, tail pipe clamp
and lower radiator pipes. For our other products, click here.

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We have dealers worldwide, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
In the US, contact us for a list.

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