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I bring many years of experience in all aspects of MAFCA's era fashions. As a fashion entrant, I learned the importance of dated era documentation when competing in fashion judging. As a Master Judge, I value my research in era fashions which has increased my knowledge of appropriate and correct attire for the era.

I have participated on the Era Fashion Committee as a member, and as chairperson. I was directly involved in many updates and revisions to the Fashion Guidelines, including the popular category of Model A Era Image. This category has increased the popularity of fashion competition by creating more flexibility for our members. I was one of many volunteers who authored MAFCA's publication "A Book Of Fashion Facts".

As a seminar leader, I have addressed several topics. My favorite subject is hats. The love of beautiful, stylish, and feminine hats of the era have lead me to create my own collection.

Research is an important aspect to an in depth understanding of fashions of the era. A product of my research are several articles which have been published in the Restorer magazine, for which I have received the MAFCA Fashion Literary Award.

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Revised 05/26/2016