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My husband Dave and I have always been interested in older cars. We started dating 52 yrs ago, and he had a 1936 Henney Olds that we still have. When we were introduced to the Model A club in Hemet, CA we, of course, just had to purchase one, a sport coupe Shay (and I know Dave is looking still). We are both active in the Cruisin As club and enjoy the fellowship, functions and charity functions that we get involved with.

I have done a lot of sewing over the years and made my Mother-in-Law a few dresses, with her ideas on color and style, as she loved dressing in lace, ribbons and frills. I have been looking, searching and studying the Model A Era fashions for the last few years, but not really getting a lot of real information.

After reading the MAFCA Era Fashion Guidelines and taking the MAFCA Era Fashion test, it has sparked my interest even more and gave me a much better understanding of the era, style for not only women, but for men, children and infants and their accessories. While living in Alaska, I started beading earrings, purses, and clothing items made of fur and moose hide for slippers, mukluks, hats, gloves and parkas and learned a lot of different styles and techniques from the different areas in Alaska.

I am excited to participate as a member of the Era Fashion Committee, getting involved and meeting new people with the same interest. I look forward to learning more about the fashions of the Model A Era.

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