MAFCA regularly creates various documents for each chapter. The Board Meeting Minutes Highlights are prepared by the Secretary; the Chapter Coordinator Newsletters are prepared by the Chapter Coordinator.

Below are copies of these communications that you can review:

Board Meeting Minutes Highlights

June 2016 [Image] Loveland, CO
April 2016 La Habra, CA
February 2016 La Habra, CA
December 2015 Medford OR
September 2015 La Habra, CA
July 2015 La Habra, CA
May 2015 La Habra, CA
January 2015 La Habra, CA
December 2014 Little Rock, AR
September 2014 La Habra, CA
July 2014 Puyallup, WA
May 2014 La Habra, CA
February 2014 La Habra, CA
December 2013 San Antonio TX
August 2013 La Habra, CA
May 2013 Hickory Corners, MI
February 2013 La Habra, CA
December 2012 Charleston, SC
September 2012 La Habra, CA
June 2012 Marquette, MI
April 2012 La Habra, CA
January 2012 La Habra, CA

For prior years, look in the Highlights folder of the DOWNLOADS directory.


Chapter Coordinator Chatter

November-December by Jill Sullins
September-October 2014 by Jill Sullins
July-August 2014 by Jill Sullins
May-June 2014 by Jill Sullins
July 2012 by Jill Sullins
February 2012 by Jill Sullins
January 2012 by Jill Sullins
December 2011 by Stephanie Grundman
November 2011 by Stephanie Grundman
October 2011 by Stephanie Grundman
September 2011 by Stephanie Grundman
August 2011 by Stephanie Grundman
July 2011 by Stephanie Grundman

For prior years, look in the Chapters folder of the DOWNLOADS directory.

Last Updated: 01/30/2017