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As old as they are, Model A's continue to be used as work vehicles for many of their owners, a testament to the foresight of Ford in building a dependable vehicle that lasts and lasts. Click on any photo for a closer look; click the member's name to e-mail the owner.
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Posted: 01/28/11
From: Clinton Osborn, Springville, CA
Subject: New hardware for my pipe racks

I thought you might like to see the new hardware I built for the pipe racks on my car. I can now haul 6 joints of 3" pipe instead of 4.

a picture

This is part of a project on the ranch of burying about 2,000 feet of new pipeline to carry water from my hydro-powerplant exhaust to the south field.

08/14/13: Clinton passed away 12/20/12 at the age of 72.



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