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April 2017  picture

April brings many of us to that special time of year when the snow has melted, or mostly melted, and the roads are dry. Perfect time to get out there and see where your favorite car will take you!

I've been quite busy over the past couple of weeks working with my husband, John, to bring a recently acquired 1930 Sport Coupe up to my safety standards for long distance and daily driving. I've also discovered a new meaning for dirty! It is our hope to have the car in shape about the beginning of May. I hope your projects are coming along well.

Have you given some thought to running for the MAFCA Board of Directors? If you have and think you would like to share your talents with MAFCA, give Garth Shreading a call to talk it over. His phone number is 409-753-2564 and his email address is membership @ Garth has served our membership in a variety of Board positions and is in a great position to really give you the ins and outs of each office and answer questions you may have.

If you have a Model A related product to sell or a Model A business, contact Donna Lewis, MAFCA's Advertising Director, for your commercial advertising; her email is advertising @ and her phone number is 281-255-8885. What better way is there to get your message to 13,000 enthusiasts than through advertising in The Restorer and on our website?

The Bakersfield Chapter is receiving registrations for the 2017 National Tour in California. Although the route was changed due to a recent bridge wash out on the original route, they have chosen an alternate route through beautiful farmlands and vineyards for a short section of the tour. These roads are perfect for the Model A! San Simeon and Hearst Castle will still be the first stop along the Pacific Coast Highway. No matter the route, any National Tour is about our members getting together to drive their cars, together. If you have never joined in the fun of a National Tour, it is guaranteed that you will make new friends from all over the US and maybe some from outside the US and have a great time! For more information, please click on this link.

Many of us are on the Internet using Facebook. MAFCA has a growing Group Page, MAFCA - Model A Ford Club of America. This is a really good place to share your photos and stories of your adventures. It is also a great place to get the word out about your local club's swap meets, tours, and meetings. Although anyone can view the page, you must have a Facebook page and request to be a member of the page to make a post. There is no charge to join in and see what other Model A enthusiasts are up to with their cars.

The Board of Directors is available to you for any issues, concerns or other comments. We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me by email, president @, or by phone (803-622-0048).

Until next month - Happy Motoring…

Happy Begg
2017 MAFCA President

March 2017

Spring arrives this month and thus for most of the country, the Model A touring season begins for 2017. I hope all of you are ready for some wonderful, fun days in your cars with your friends. There isn't a more relaxing day than driving the back roads and enjoying it from the front seat of a Model A!

Our Contact List for information and the happenings within MAFCA is growing! Are you receiving the monthly emails packed with information including activities of MAFCA Chapters, Regions, and Special Interest Groups? If you are not, send an email to Garth Shreading and he will make sure you receive them. Please know that MAFCA will never sell or share your email contact information.

The January/February and March/April Digital Editions of The Restorer have been delivered to those of you who signed up for it. If you did not sign up and would like to receive the magazine online - to take with you everywhere you take your laptop, tablet, or smart phone, call the office, 562-697-2712, and the ladies will be more than happy to assist you.

Registration for the 2017 National Tour is now open for all members. You will find links to in-depth information about the tour and registration forms on our website and in the March/April issue of The Restorer. You will not be able to download the forms from the Digital issue of The Restorer, as the magazine is not downloadable for personal use.

Each year, MAFCA seeks candidates for the Board of Directors from all over the US. Your help is needed to guide our club; and this year, there will be four vacancies. In the March/April issue of The Restorer and on the website, Running for the Board Page, you will find answers for basic questions about what being a Board member would entail. If you have more questions, please contact Garth Shreading, 2017 MAFCA Membership Director and Election Chairperson.

Of course, if you find yourself in the area where the Board will be meeting, please come and watch your Board in action! Board meetings are open to all members of MAFCA. Our next one will be held at MAFCA Headquarters in La Habra, a suburb of Los Angeles on Friday, May 12, 2017 beginning at 8:00 AM. The dates and locations for 2017 Board meetings are on the website Board Calendar page. Perhaps you could join us at the Model A Museum in September or in Oklahoma City in December.

Until next month - Happy Motoring…

Happy Begg
2017 MAFCA President

February 2017

I hope you all are making good use of your time in the parts of the country where the weather is a bit too frigid and downright snowy for touring! I would guess that you all have begun projects to finish up prior to the robins' arrival signaling the beginning of Spring and Model A touring season.

Membership renewals continue to come in to the office. But, if this slipped your mind, please call the office at 562-697-2712 or go to the website and click “Join MAFCA” to renew. For those of you looking for your MAFCA membership cards, we experienced an error with the January/February issue of The Restorer. Unfortunately, the cards were not inserted. Please look for them in the March/April issue. When you do have your membership cards in hand, you can find your membership number on the protective plastic wrap just above your name and address. Be sure to write your number on your card for future reference.

Did you know that there is now a Model A Club in a US high school? The Santa Anita A's helped the Pasadena (California) High School form a Chapter of MAFCA. They have a wonderful video that can be found on the MAFCA YouTube channel. The Pasadena Club has over 100 members! This is a great way to get young people involved with our fun hobby.

Has your Chapter talked about taking part with our newest fun mileage challenge? The challenge is to see if we, as a club can drive 100,000 miles in any one day. Your Chapter chooses the day! If you are not a member of a MAFCA Chapter, you can still participate on your own. For more information, click here.

MAFCA has been using an online email service to keep folks informed of all the great happenings. Are you receiving our email blasts? If not, send an email to Garth Shreading, his address is membership @ and he will make sure you are on the list. Please know that MAFCA will never sell or distribute any of your personal information.

I hope you are talking with your touring friends about participating in the upcoming National Tour of the California Coastline; it will be the last week in September. The Bakersfield Chapter has a great tour planned. Registration materials will be available in the March/April issue of The Restorer.

Happy Begg
2017 MAFCA President

January 2017

Happy New Year!

It is with great pleasure that I will begin 2017 and MAFCA's 60th Anniversary year as your President. I thank the MAFCA Board for their confidence in me. The 2017 Board is made up of people who live not only on both coasts of the country, specifically California, Maine, and South Carolina, but also in Illinois and Texas, through the center of the United States. It's good to see Garth Shreading, from Texas, and Jay McCord, from Southern California, reelected for an additional 2 years. Jim Cannon, from Houston, is a returning Board member, having served the membership as Technical Director in 2014 and 2015. Kay Lee is from Illinois, and David White is from Maine, and they join the MAFCA Board for the first time. All are very enthusiastic about serving you, the MAFCA membership, in 2017!

I want to thank Alex Janke for serving the Board and the membership as the 2016 President. Under his leadership, MAFCA continued the path set forth by 56 previous Presidents, growing and expanding the breadth of the Club. Trudy Vestal, Dave Bockman, and Mark Smith are leaving the Board with the installation of the 2017 Board, as their terms have expired. Trudy, Dave and Mark share a passion for MAFCA; they believe in this organization, and have helped to motivate, affect change and improve our club. I hope their time and experiences, while serving the membership on the Board, will be remembered with great fondness.

The Board held the election of 2017 Officers and Directors on December 6, 2016. In 2017, David White will serve as MAFCA's Vice President. Please email David ( if you are interested in hosting a national event in the future. Kay Lee will be serving as Secretary and Alex Janke will be serving as Treasurer. The Directors elected were: Technical Director is Jim Cannon, Membership Director is Garth Shreading, Chapter Coordinator is Jay McCord, Advertising Director is Donna Lewis, and Publications Director is Doug Clayton. Please do not hesitate to contact any of these folks with your comments, concerns, or questions.

The National Awards Banquet was great fun in Reno! Jack Middleton and the Sagebrush Chapter really executed a wonderful event for the membership! Whether one went on the planned excursions around the area, enjoyed the luxurious spa in the hotel, or tried one's luck with the slot machines, there was something fun for everyone. The January/February issue of The Restorer has a complete write up, including pictures, of the event. I hope you will join us at a National Awards Banquet in the future.

I am looking forward to 2017 and the planned national events. We have a new Chapter driving program, the 2017 National Tour of the California Coast, and celebrating with the Sooner Chapter their 50th anniversary at the National Awards Banquet in Oklahoma City. Won't you join in the fun?

On the Members Only page of our website, you will find a link to access a very good Member Handbook developed by the Beaver Chapter. They have generously shared this with the entire MAFCA membership. Take a look; it contains their proven methods of retaining and recruiting new members for your Chapter.

Please remember that MAFCA is your club. If there is anything Model A related you want to talk about, suggestions to help make MAFCA a better club, please contact me or one of the Board members. I can be reached at or by phone 803-622-0048. I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Begg
2017 MAFCA President

December 2016

This is my final web column as your president and I would like to thank the membership and the Board for all the help and support I have received throughout the year. It has been my honor to serve.

The National Awards Banquet in Reno will be taking place soon and the newly elected directors will be installed. We will announce positions for next year on the web as soon as they are known. We have a number of members receiving awards this year and they are all very well deserved.

At the National Convention we had a great session where we talked about the future of MAFCA and how to build our membership / chapters. In previous columns I have included some of the suggestions. The following are ideas received from individual chapters:

Most communities have local car club events or small car shows. These are often hosted by a local restaurant, business or a charity. The event provides an opportunity to meet others interested in the car hobby and offers a good chance to talk to people who are interested, but do not have a car of their own. These are ideal candidates for the hobby. They may not know how reasonable it is to own a Model A Ford or how much fun it is to drive one. Here is a chance to showcase your chapter and the hobby.

Many chapters have a “business card” prepared for their club. It typically provides contact information on one side and a map to the meeting location on the back. These are great to hand out to interested people as a way of inviting them to attend a chapter meeting. All members can carry a few in their wallet or purse and the cost to produce them is minimal.

There are modified Model A's out there in the community. Some chapters encourage them to join and are accepting of these cars as something that appeals to a wider audience. While it may be a “hot rod” it started life as a Model A and still has many of the characteristics. It is an idea for chapter consideration.

Chapters often set their calendar for the year with such things as pot luck suppers, ice-cream socials, special tours, 4th of July parade, etc. This practice allows those interested in the Model A to know and plan to attend a club meeting or view a tour / parade. Developing a planning calendar and publicizing it helps attract new members.

Social media is where the youth of today are found. MAFCA is on Facebook and local chapters should consider being on the various forms of social media. This will help younger members find you and shares the joy of Model A ownership with a wide audience. Consider expanding the club into social media.

There are hundreds of ideas out there for improving chapters and membership. We know there are lots of cars. I think the real key is getting motivated and becoming active in your local area letting people know about the Model A Ford and how much fun it is owning / driving one.

The Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards were delayed at the printer but are finally being produced. We will ship them to folks upon receipt in the office. It has been a major undertaking lasting almost 12 years. We have all been frustrated by the amount of time it has taken, but the final product is really amazing and worth the wait.

Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to serve as your president. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year. Stay healthy, keep your Model A on the road, and I will see you along the way.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

November 2016

MAFCA had a successful visit to Hershey again this year. Many members stopped by to say hello or attend a seminar or renew their membership. By the way, remember to renew by December 31 to avoid the $5 late fee. The crowd was smaller this year than previous years, probably due to the hurricane impacting a significant portion of the Southeast.

It is only a month until our National Awards Banquet in Reno, December 5 through 8. I hope to see you there!

A member of our local chapter was over this week and while working on his car, he complained about the club. He has been a member for several years and said it was too cliquish.
So I asked him what he had done for the club.
He looked at me and said, “What do you mean?”
So I asked, “Have you ever lead a tour?”
"Well, No”.
“Have you volunteered to hold an office?”
"Well, No”.
“When did you last go on a tour?”
“A couple of months ago”
So who are the people you think are in this clique?"
He named off a group of folks.

Every one in that group has served as a chapter officer and lead multiple tours and shows up regularly for all tours in other words those who participate. My point is if you join a chapter – JOIN the chapter. You will have more fun and get to know everyone. Chapters help folks get their cars running and keep them on the road, but the real fun is the fellowship. Join your chapter by volunteering your time and talents.

Two great Christmas ideas! The latest revision to the Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards is at the printer and will be shipping soon. It makes a great present. We are also pleased to offer the First 50 Years of The Restorer Magazine on a flash drive. If you have always wanted a complete collection of The Restorer Magazine, this is your opportunity.

There is still time to order MAFCA Christmas Cards to send out to family and friends, plus we have a great selection of wearing apparel and publications. Take a look at our web store or call the office. Your Board of Directors is dedicated to serving our membership. Please contact us with your ideas and concerns. I can be reached at and I will respond.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

October 2016

The Board of Directors had a very successful meeting in Michigan. Our advertising policy was streamlined and a new driving program was adopted for 2017. Watch The Restorer and MAFCA updates for “100,000 Miles in a Day.” I know you and your chapter will want to join in the fun.

The Board also attended Model A Day at the Model A Museum in Hickory Corners. We gained almost 70 new members and spread the word about MAFCA. The Model A Ford Foundation, Inc. (MAFFI) has done an amazing job with the museum, new exhibits, and constantly expanding information is available to all visitors. It started off with a little rain but soon cleared up and turned into a gorgeous day. Approximately 500 people and 150 Model A's were in attendance for the swap meet, seminars, and viewing the museums at the Gilmore. Four new inductees to the Model A Hall of Fame were announced including Art Miller, one of the founders of MAFCA. The others inducted were Clarence Avery, William Hall, and Kirke R. Wilson (K.R. Wilson).

If you are not already a member of MAFFI, I urge you to look at their website ( and join. This is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to the Model A Ford and its history. While the initial museum has been constructed, additional resources are needed to keep it in perpetuity and for possible expansion. MAFFI has a large collection of vehicles but cannot display them all at once. Membership in MAFFI will keep our hobby alive for future generations.

Friday evening, MAFFI presented a program on “Around the World in Model ‘A' Fords,” the story of four cars traveling around the world in 1982. The remastered DVD narrated by one of the original travelers was funny and amazing – talk about adventure. The 1930 Coupe from the trip is now on display in the Museum and Bruce Davis, former MAFCA President and participant in that tour, was on hand to answer questions. If you have the opportunity to see the DVD, by all means do, I am sure you will enjoy it. MAFFI is also selling Diane Davis' book, “Passports to Adventure” which chronicles the Around the World Drive.

MAFCA will be a Hershey again this year. Look for our balloon and stop by for a visit and to see our latest merchandise. It will also be a good chance to renew your membership if you have not already done so. Please remember to renew by December 31 to avoid the late renewal fee.

This year is moving fast. The next meeting of the Board will be in Reno, Nevada at the National Awards Banquet December 5 through 8. I hope to see you there! Your Board of Directors is dedicated to serving our membership. Please contact us with your ideas and concerns. I can be reached at president @ and I will respond.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

September 2016

International Model A Day is September 10th, don't forget to drive your “A” on a tour, to the grocery store, or around the block. The idea is it to get them all on the road. The weather has been strange across the country with flooding, excessive heat, and wildfires. I hope all of you are safe and getting to enjoy your Model A's in spite of these challenges.

Membership renewal and ballots are coming in. If you haven't already sent in your ballot, please do so as everyone's opinion counts. Ballots must be received by October 15 to be counted, and they will be counted on October 22. We will post the results on the website as soon as they are available.

The Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA) Board of Directors will hold its next meeting at the Kalamazoo Four Points Sheraton Hotel on Friday, September 16th beginning at 8 AM. The Board would be pleased to have local Model A hobbyists attend as they conduct the business of MAFCA. The Four Points Sheraton is located at 3600 E Cork St., Kalamazoo, MI 49001.

Saturday, September 17th is Model A Day at the Gilmore Museum. It will be a great all day event with seminars, a swap meet, and of course Model A fellowship. Several hundred Model A's attend. The Board will be there and we look forward to seeing and talking with our members.

We are receiving a great response to the digital Restorer along with the hard copy. It seems many of you want the magazine with you and on your computer. We currently plan to keep issues on line for three years, so ultimately there will be 18 issues available for viewing. The number on line may change overtime.

Christmas Cards are selling well and the pre-orders of the Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards Revision 4 are coming in. Delivery is currently planned for October. The Shop Drawings are also very popular. Our newest book, The Fashion Files is also available. This book is 202 color pages and is a collection of Era Fashion Articles written by MAFCA members over the years. We selected the very best and assembled them in a single volume – order soon. By the way guys, The Fashion Files makes a great Christmas present.

This year seems to be flying by and the National Awards Banquet in Reno is only three months away. Registrations are coming in for the event on December 5 thru 8. I urge you to attend, as the banquets are always fun and relaxing. Reno, Nevada has excellent weather this time of year. Reno is located just east of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and offers spectacular views. Our website has more information and registration forms

The entire Board of Directors is dedicated to our membership and providing the best possible service to our hobby. Please contact us with your ideas, concerns, complaints, and praise. I can be reached at president @ and I will respond. Hope to see you on the road soon.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

August 2016

Touring is in full swing and I hope you are getting out on the road with your Model A. The weather has been pretty hot in many parts of the country, but I don't expect it slows us down too much.

Membership renewal notices go into the mail this month along with ballots for the election of your Board of Directors. There are five positions open this year and seven candidates, so your vote is very important. Help shape the future of MAFCA by voting! You must return your ballot by October 15 to be counted, so return it early!

We are also offering the opportunity to receive a digital copy of The Restorer along with the hard copy for only $5 more. Dues remain unchanged at $40, but if you want the extra digital copy it is just a few dollars more and gives you the ability to access the magazine on any of your Wi-Fi enable devices. Please return your renewal by December 31, 2016 to avoid the late fee.

Revision 4 to the Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards will soon be available. You may begin pre-ordering with the information in the renewal notices. We are also pleased to offer a new Christmas Card for members featuring the artwork from the 1989 cover of The Restorer created by famed artist Norm Sears. Order now, as the holidays will be here before you know it. The renewal packet also contains an order blank for all MAFCA products. They make great Christmas gifts, so plan ahead.

The Board meets in Kalamazoo Michigan on September 15 and then will be at Model A Day at the Museum in Hickory Corners. The meeting will be at the Sheraton Four Point hotel and all are welcome. We all look forward to seeing members at Model A Day as well.

Signups for the National Awards Banquet in Reno, Nevada on December 5 to 8 are flowing in. It promises to be a fun filled event and I hope you will plan to attend. National Awards Banquets are relaxing opportunities to meet with fellow Model A'ers and enjoy a different part of the country without some of the pressures of larger events. Reno usually enjoys great weather this time of year and backs up to the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. Take a look at our website for more information and registration forms.

Please keep contacting the Board and sharing your ideas with us through emails and phone calls. Help us provide you the best possible service and planning for the future. I can be reached at president @ and I will respond. Hope to see you on the road soon. Alex

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

July 2016

The 2016 MAFCA Nation Convention is now history and what a spectacular event. The Colorado Model A Club and Chairman Bob Beers went to extra lengths to make sure all had a fun time. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to talk with many members who shared their ideas on how to make our club better.

The topic of involving more young people in the hobby generated a lot of discussion and many ideas. Our Chapter Coordinator Trudy Vestal will be sharing them with chapters. Among the ideas discussed were:

There were many more ideas. We also talked about expanding our chapter membership. Do you know how many people are MAFCA members in your chapter? Encourage those who are not members to join and enjoy the benefits.

The Ford Motor Company estimates there are more than 1,000,000 Model A Fords still out there in garages and barns. That means there are thousands of Model A owners who are not members of local clubs or MAFCA. Take your car to the local car events such as “hot Thursday nights at a pizza place” or similar activity. Virtually every town in America has such events. It is a good opportunity to meet fellow automobile enthusiasts, and talk about the Model A. When you see a Model A you don't recognize, seek out the owner, talk with them, and invite them to a chapter meeting. There are countless other ways you can promote the hobby. We all just need to get proactive.

You may have heard that the 2017 National Tour to the North West has been canceled. The truth is the Chapter that was planning on hosting it has regretfully withdrawn its support and the chairperson has resigned. There are however, three different groups who have stepped forward to lead a National Tour. More information will be shared once some specifics are decided. We know that National Tours are one of the best things going for members where they get together, drive their cars with no meetings, etc. Just a fun time with fellow Model A'ers. We will have a 2017 National Tour on the West Coast.

Next year, members will have an option to receive a digital copy of The Restorer as well as the hard copy magazine. We know there are many who would enjoy having The Restorer on their devices and will be able to respond to that need. We hope to have additional digital options next year as well.

The National Convention had over 580 registrations; there were people from 38 states and 4 countries. Our international members added a lot of fun and humor. While we don't have an exact count, there were well over 400 Model A's at the meet. The tours were wonderful, the food delicious, and the comradely outstanding. Don't miss the next National Meet in 2018 in Reno, Nevada. Again special thanks to the Colorado Model A Club and all its members.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

June 2016

We just returned from the Northern California Regional Group Roundup in Modesto, California. It was a fun filled three days with vehicle and fashion judging, a grand tour, numerous seminars, and of course lots of wonderful Model A fellowship. The drive to the event was also fun – part of the joy of owning a Model A Ford is driving it.

The National Convention in Loveland, Colorado takes place in just a few weeks. There were 550 registrations when I last looked. That means well over 1,000 attendees and around 500 Model A Fords – maybe more. My wife and I are excited about driving our Model A 1,500 miles to the convention and of course I am servicing the little coupe for the trip. I hope you join in the fun.

Your Board of Directors meets in Loveland and we will finalize the budget along with other actions. All attendees are invited to attend and see your Board of Directors in action. I have mentioned before the budget is getting tighter and tighter. We changed the printer for The Restorer magazine which will both save money and allow us to provide more services to our membership in the future. The world of printed publications has changed dramatically in the last 10 years with costs actually going down thanks to new technology.

There is still room for additional candidates for the Board of Directors. The application deadline is June 15th so if you are thinking about running, get you application in now. MAFCA is an organization of volunteers. Without individuals willing to serve on the National Board, there would be no MAFCA. Just as you would not have a chapter if people were not willing to serve as officers and coordinators' of local activities the same goes for MAFCA. Please consider joining the Board – it is fun and very rewarding.

Sign ups for the National Awards Banquet in Reno, Nevada on December 5 to 8 are now available. There is a short video showing you some of the highlights for this event. Take a minute to look at the video, then sign up. This is a chance to see Reno, Nevada at an ideal time of year, great weather, low room rates, and another chance for Model A fellowship.

The September meeting of the Board will take place in Hickory Corners, Michigan at the Gilmore Museum. This will be in conjunction with Model A day at the museum. It turns out several members of the Board will be there for activities at the museum, so it was more cost effective to hold the meeting there, rather than have everyone travel to MAFCA Headquarters in California. Again, we are looking for ways to hold costs down. Model A day at the Gilmore will feature seminars, special exhibits, and of course a lot of Model A vehicles and friends. If you are in the area, plan to attend, September 16 and 17, 2016.

Please keep contacting the Board with your emails and phone calls. We all enjoy talking with you and hearing your ideas and suggestions. Help us provide you the best possible service. I can be reached at president @ and I will respond.

Hope to see you on the road soon.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

May 2016

Touring is underway in full force. Today, our chapter visited the last steam powered sawmill still cutting redwoods, the Sturgeon's Mill [it only runs twice a year and is a historical facility rather than a production one]. Just two weeks ago the Central California Regional Group hosted its annual Jamboree in Clovis, California with almost 200 registrations. Both enjoyed great weather and fun Model A driving. I know some of you are still experiencing some weather challenges, but you will soon be on the road.

Your Board of Directors met on April 23rd in La Habra and had a very successful meeting. The budget is getting tighter each year as costs rise and income remains about the same. We looked at various cost cutting ideas with the goal of providing service to members at the same level. I am optimistic we will continue to provide that level of service and even enhance it this next fiscal year.

The National Convention in Loveland, Colorado, is just about upon us. It is not too late, but you must register soon to join in the fun. June 19th to 26th is only a month and a half away.

The Board has approved four candidates for the upcoming election, but we still need more to have all positions filled for a real election. Serving on the MAFCA Board is a great way to forward the hobby and help provide future direction. We are an organization of volunteers and maybe it is your time to step forward and lead MAFCA. Please consider joining the Board.

I have been encouraged recently by several high schools around the country were groups of students are restoring Model A Fords. The Model A can teach young people the basics of automobile design and function and are fun to work on. You might look around your local area and see if you have a school interested in doing such a project!

Our Constant Contact (CC) with chapter newsletter editors is proving successful. We are receiving many positive comments from chapters. CC is an electronic mail that comes out every three to four weeks with the latest news about MAFCA and links to various resources to help editors put together newsletters. It contains information on membership, national events, upcoming publications, and a host of other items of interest.

The next meeting of the Board will take place in Loveland, Colorado as part of the National Convention. We meet on Friday, June 24 and everyone is invited. We will be approving the budget among other items.

The National Awards Banquet in Reno, Nevada on December 5 to 8 is shaping up to be a fun event with a tour to Virginia City, the National Automobile Museum (the former Harrah's collection), and some special seminars. If you have never been to Reno or Nevada this is an exceptional opportunity. The room rates at the Peppermill are very reasonable and the weather is usually very nice. Watch the video on the MAFCA website for a sample of the fun.

Please keep contacting the Board with your emails and phone calls. I enjoy talking to all of you. We are your Board and your ideas help us to provide the best possible service. You can reach me at president @ and I will respond.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

April 2016

It is clearly touring time, although some areas of the country are receiving some wild weather. I recently injured my knee and it is taking a long time to heal now that I am older. Well, I have been getting my Model A ready for tours, and keep discovering it is getting older in places too and needs more time to repair. As an example, one of my shock absorber balls required replacement as it had gotten out of round over its 85 years of traveling down the road. As you are getting ready for tours, take the time to look all around your cars and see what may have worn out.

Registrations for the National Convention in Loveland, Colorado, June 19th to 26th are pouring in with over 330 already. Registration forms can be obtained on the Mile High A's website, or you may call the office for a copy. Don't miss out on this spectacular event – register soon.

MAFCA is still seeking candidates for the Board of Directors. A number of people have expressed interest, but there is still time. We are an organization of volunteers who love the Model A Ford hobby and wish to share the fun with others. Please consider joining the Board. Further information can be obtained from Trudy Vestal our Election Committee Chair. Trudy can be reached at

We are working on the Budget and as you can imagine keeping it balanced is a challenge. Due have remained constant for 10 years, but costs continue to climb. Fortunately, our membership remains strong so no increases are anticipated this year and we are looking at ways to reduce costs wherever possible while continuing services to our membership.

The final revision to the Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards is getting very close. The dedicated volunteers working on this project spend at least 10 hours a week on it, trying to get the best possible photographs to aid in restoration. All text has been completed and we are only lacking a few photographs before it goes to the editor.

The Judging Standards Committee is planning on presenting seminars to highlight the changes incorporated in the new RG&JS. They will be offering this at the National Meet and as some regionals as well.

I enjoy the various emails and phone calls I receive from members. You often have great ideas we did not think of and I always learn something new. The Board serves you, the membership. We want to hear from you so we can do the best job possible. Please feel free to contact me or any of the Directors with your ideas and suggestions.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

March 2016

Spring is just around the corner and Chapters across the country are planning tours, picnics, and activities. My own calendar is filling up with local, regional and national events beginning next month. It also means time in the garage preparing the car for touring – lubrication, tire pressure, and safety checks.

The MAFCA store features a New Magnetic Reflector; it significantly increases visibility at night and lets you proudly display your membership. They are 10” x 12” and will not scratch paint. These are very popular items, so order one soon for the touring season.

Preparations for the National Convention in Loveland, Colorado, June 19th to 26th are continuing. Registrations are coming in at a good pace for what promises to be a great event in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Forms were included in the January / February issue of The Restorer or can be obtained at or you may call the office for a copy.

We recently introduced Constant Contact with MAFCA for Chapter Newsletter editors and others. This feature provides information approximately once every three weeks about upcoming events, articles of interest, clip art, and other tools to assist newsletter editors. Thanks to Directors Happy Begg, Trudy Vestal, and Jay McCord who created the MAFCA Digital News for us.

MAFCA is seeking candidates for the Board of Directors from across the nation. We need dedicated volunteers to help MAFCA grow. Please look at our website's Running for the Board page to get answers to basic questions. Further information can be obtained from Trudy Vestal our Chapter Coordinator and Election Committee Chair. Trudy can be reached at ChapterCoordinator @

As you are planning the touring year, don't forget the National Awards Banquet in Reno, Nevada in December. The Banquet includes the National Automobile Museum, Christmas in the Comstock in Virginia City, and of course fabulous Reno plus much more. The Sagebrush A's have arranged a special hotel rate. Registration forms will be in the July / August issue of The Restorer; watch for them.

The 2016 Board is your Board and serves you, the membership. We want to hear from you so we can do the best job possible. Please feel free to contact me or any of the Directors with your ideas and suggestions.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

February 2016

I apologize for being a few days late in getting this out to the membership. However, the 2016 Board of Directors held its first meeting on Saturday, February 6 and I thought it important to report to you from the meeting.

Our good friend Bill Henderson has resigned from the Board for personal reasons. We will miss him and his input and wish him all the best. Bill has been replaced by Donna Lewis from Texas, who will serve as Advertising Director. Donna is a past MAFCA President, was instrumental in getting the Model A Ford Foundation Incorporated (MAFFI) started and is well known in the Model A hobby, her return to the Board will be a great asset to MAFCA and the membership.

The United States Post Office has significantly increased it rates for 2016. The average is 50 cents to 75 cents more per priority mail item. This means when you order items the cost of mailing will go up. MAFCA charges the exact cost of shipping to members and we try to keep it as low as possible. So if you see an increase in charges it was the post office and not MAFCA. The office will use “media” mail when possible at your request. Anything with advertising in it does not qualify for “media” mail, so it is somewhat limited and it takes longer to receive, but it may be an option. As the office when you order.

If you have ever considered serving on the MAFCA Board, now would be a good time to get you candidacy submitted. There will be five vacancies on the Board this year so it is a wide open field. We need dedicated volunteers from all areas of the country to help MAFCA grow. Please look at our website at to get answers to your basic questions.

The Board spent considerable time exploring digital options for MAFCA's publications. In today's world and increasing portion of America gets is news and information in electronic form on a variety of devices – computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. This trend is going, so MAFCA is planning options for our members. We hope to introduce an option to receive a digital copy of The Restorer early next year. Don't worry, we will always provide the hard copy as well. Many of us love to sit down in our chairs and read the magazine from cover to cover enjoying the articles and great photographs – that will not change.

The 2016 Board is dedicated to serving the membership and carefully stewarding MAFCA resources. The club remains healthy. There will be at least two new publications this year – the long awaited Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards will be available by the National Convention as will a new Fashion Book in full color!

MAFCA asks for your email address on various forms. We NEVER sell or share member's information. We hate spam as much as you do. Email does let us communicate with chapters and newsletter editors faster and timelier. The Restorer only comes out every two months. Email can let you know about activities almost immediately.

We are developing the budget for the next FY and making every effort to contain costs and maintain / improve services. Please contact me or any of the Directors with your ideas and suggestions on how to improve MAFCA and our service to members.

I hope to see you on the road.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

January 2016

I am deeply honored to serve as MAFCA President for 2016. Garth Shreading, 2015 MAFCA President and the 2015 Board of Directors did an exceptional job. Our club is strong and active.

2016 will be a challenging year in many areas. For some time MAFCA has been struggling on how to best enter the digital age. Many of our chapters send out their newsletters digitally, and the trend is growing. There are some exceptional Model A websites available with a lot of great information on our cars. There will always be a demand for printed media but many magazines also offer electronic versions as well that can be viewed on tablets, computers, phones, Kindles, and other devices. Likewise numerous books are available electronically. This year we plan to explore the alternatives on how best to meet the needs of our current and future membership. If you have ideas or opinion in this area I would love to hear them.

The office has recently received a few requests for receipts for membership renewals. Normally your credit card or check receipt should suffice. MAFCA is a not for profit organization, but not a 501 (c)3 charity so your dues are not usually tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor if you have questions in this area.

The National Convention in Loveland, Colorado promises to be a spectacular event. The current issue of The Restorer contains detailed information and the registration form. You will want to register early to ensure a slot in all the wonderful activities. Driving your Model A to the Rocky Mountains will be a real treat.

The long awaited Revision 4 to the Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards is currently with the editor and will be coming out this spring. It represents thousands of hours of work by many dedicated individuals and will bring a lot of needed information to the hobby.

The Board of Directors serves the membership. If you have issues, concerns, or other comments please let us know. The recently published Tudor Book was a response to member requests and we are working on a Coupe Book. Please feel free to contact me by email [] or phone [925-689-0859] at any time.

I hope to see you on the road.

Alex Janke
2016 MAFCA President

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