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Assembly Plants and Body Numbers is a research study by Dave Sturges of Glenwood, Maryland who is trying to discover the meaning of letters and numbers stamped into the floors of Model A bodies. Dave could use your help to refine his research information. Check this out!

Assembly Plant Production Figures is a table compiled by Steve Pargeter of Nashua, NH showing all the plants that produced Model A Fords and the numbers produced by year.

Body Numbers - a reference list of body numbers compiled by Dennis Smith, listing body types and the tag numbers Briggs, Murray and Ford used to identify car bodies.

Body Styles - a reference list of Model A Body Style numbers, years, and descriptions. Now with photos of many models.

Canadian Engine Production is a list of Model A and A engines produced in Canada. Compiled by Steve Pargeter of Nashua, NH.

Model A Engine Production is a list of Model A engine serial numbers produced at the Rouge Plant during the Model A Era.

New Car Prices is a list of Model A prices from 1928-1931.

New Zealand Production Figures - submitted by Justin Bicknell

Production Figures - production figures taken from several sources (watch for upcoming Restorer article with additional information)

Reader Technical Tips submitted by MAFCA members. Some great articles here!

Standard and Deluxe Tudor Sedans - describes the differences between these 1931 models.
      By Rick Black of the Deluxe Tudor Sedan Owner's Group Chapter.

Weights of Model A's in 1931 - adapted from a Ford Dealer Service Letter

Understanding Ford Part Numbers by Marco Tahtaras of Pleasanton California. Part of his excellent web site, this page discusses how Model A Ford part numbers are constructed, especially what those suffix letters AR, BR, etc. mean.

Last Updated: 04/01/2012