A Case for Seat Belts

Editorial - by Rick Black, Webmaster

Several years ago, one of our chapter members and his family were on a Model A tour with other chapter members on a rural road in Medford Oregon.

Out of nowhere, a modern pickup truck swerved into his lane and plowed head-on with his 1928 Phaeton.

All four people in the car, front and rear seats, were wearing seat belts that he had installed. All four were injured but survived the collision. It took the emergency crew 20 minutes to cut him out of the wreckage.

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If we can learn anything from this, we should ALL install seat belts, front and rear, in our Model A's.
There have been several articles in The Restorer detailing the installation. It's not difficult. It's not expensive.

• Seat Belts in a Model A?, May-June 1993 (38-1) p 24   -  

• A Bear on Safety - Seat Belts, May-June 1993 (38-1) p 25-30   -  

• Shoulder Seat Belts for a Model A, Sep-Oct 2005, (50-3) p 12-14  -  

Chapters: discuss this with your members. Have a discussion at one of your upcoming meetings.
Schedule a seat-belt installation clinic where everyone can bring their belts and get the help of other members to install them.

Installing seat belts WILL save lives. Don't hesitate. Don't put this off. Do it now. Please.

Rick Black, Medford Oregon
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Last Updated: 07/09/2017