Recent Accomplishments

The Judging Standards Committee continues to seek and improve ways for Model A members to achieve the qualifications necessary for advanced levels of judging expertise, and ways to improve and standardize point allocations for the 23 judging areas. For example, in 2001 the committee (through the national board members) made it possible to obtain experience by successfully presenting a technical seminar at a sanctioned regional or divisional meet as well as at a national meet. This change creates more opportunities, and makes it easier and faster to attain advanced levels of judging.

We actively encourage anyone to send information or suggestions to improve the judging process. Your ideas will be discussed at future meetings. Another recent accomplishment was the creation of a "how to" pamphlet for organizing and conducting the car judging event. The pamphlet titled MAFCA Model A Judging Procedures Manual for National, Divisional and Regional Meets was completed in January 2000. This pamphlet is available from MAFCA headquarters. It is strongly encouraged that future Chief Judges and the event Judging Coordinator follow its protocol and report to the Judging Standards Committee any additions or corrections that could make this pamphlet more complete.

Recent efforts have made the Committee's Car Judging data base more user-friendly and adaptable to record and monitor individual judging experience and to send out verification on new attained levels in a more timely fashion. This data base is proving to be very useful in helping the Chief Judge and Judging Coordinator to easily develop their own lists of judges from members planning to attend a MAFCA sanctioned car judging event.

At the very core of important tasks undertaken by the committee is the process of gathering documented information that could be included in future revisions of the restoration and guidelines manual. This documentation includes variances that are not commonly known. For example, only recently has there been independent verification from several reliable sources that some 1929 Town Sedans were originally painted black. The current manual does not include black as an accepted paint scheme. Changes are necessarily slow to prevent mistakes, but still your information is extremely important for future corrections to happen. We are also actively collecting any information from our members who can identify areas where the manual is not specific or clear enough to aid restorers in authentic restoration.

The newest task the committee has been working on is developing a test for establishing baseline qualifications for judges for the Modified class of Model A vehicles. It is anticipated that there will be only a single test, similar in format to the established 23 judging tests, to qualify members as a judge. The Modified Class is a work in progress, with judging and versions of scoring sheets being tested at Model A events since the mid 1990's. Anyone wishing to send in their ideas for possible test questions are encouraged to write or email MAFCA headquarters.

Last Updated: 08/17/2010