Vehicle Judging - Background

Vehicle judging has been the centerpiece from which all other MAFCA Model A activities revolve around. For almost 50 years, hundreds of members and industry experts have contributed their expertise to build a widely-published base of knowledge about Model As through the "The Restorer" periodicals and special publications such as The Paint and Finish Guide. The Judging Standards committee was the first committee formed by MAFCA national board members, and its objective has been to help define policy and protocol and assist in all matters regarding vehicle judging.

It was recognized from Model A meets in the early 1960's that there was a great need to assess each vehicle consistently on the restoration efforts of their owners. This resulted in years of coordinated efforts from dozens of experts nation-wide to produce the first set of separately-published Judging Standards in 1974.

This set of guidelines established a method to achieve accuracy, uniformity, and completeness in vehicle judging. Since then, the original 23 areas of judging have been significantly upgraded with new information with sectional revisions published in 1995 and 1998.

The revisions have also included supplements which help further define the specific variations for early 1928 ("AR") vehicles, convertible sedans (A 400's), station wagons, mail trucks, commercial vehicles (AA's), and Canadian-made Model A's.

Implementation of the Judging Standards brought a logical method for assessing vehicles, but for years members struggled with how to best develop consistent and uniform ways of assessing points for each of the 23 judging areas.

At least 20 years of slow progress resulted in some national, divisional or regional meets that were not MAFCA sanctioned, thus hampering an ability to create a large base of qualified vehicle judges, and from using uniform judging sheets.

Despite these setbacks, very significant positive progress has and is being made, and we are working toward fine-tuning a system where judging points are allocated more on objectivity and facts, and less on personal subjectivity.


The JSC has developed a Judging Procedures Manual for the use by Chief Judges. It is a supplement to the Restoration Guidelines & Judging Standards and contains detailed information and recommendations on “How to” setup and conduct a vehicle judging event. The RG&JS are still the standard and this manual does not supersede anything in the RG&JS. You may view it by clicking here.

The associated judging sheets are also available. To download, click here.

Also available are 5,000 point Supplemental Sheets that MAFCA currently uses, at the discretion of the Chief Judge, at many judging events. These sheets are in Microsoft Excel format. To download this file, click here.

The latest printed revision of The Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards did not include an Index. We are pleased to announce a downloadable index has been completed and is available to assist members locate information. You can find the index on the REFERENCES / DOWNLOADS page or you can simply click here.

Last Updated: 05/08/2015