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The Model A Ford Club of America, Inc. (MAFCA) is a California not-for-profit corporation and a national historical society dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Model A Ford vehicles as manufactured from 1928 through 1931.

MAFCA's members are dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of Ford vehicles of that era. MAFCA is the largest club in the world dedicated to one make of automobile. We hope you enjoy looking through our site!

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May 13 - The first of several members to blog their experiences on this tour is former MAFCA director Jim Morris. Follow Jim's blog here. [Image]

May 1 - It's almost time for Lobsters and Lighthouses, the 2015 MAFCA National Tour.


The 2015 National Tour is quickly filling. Some events are limited by actual capacity. National Tour costs will be refunded up to 7 days before the tour. Trolley and Boat Tours will be refunded only up to 30 days prior. Visit the Maine Model A Club website at

Registration form may be found here: click here

A nice article about the upcoming event was published by one of the area hotels, the Nonantum Inn. Read about it here

Florida to Alaska in a Model A


May 29 - I am a new member and my name is Robert (Bob) Kehn of Libby Montana. I am attempting a trip from the southern most point in the continental USA (Florida) to the northern most drivable point in Alaska (Prudhoe Bay.) I will be starting June 1st from Key West in a 1929 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup and hoping to get to my home in Libby MT within 2 weeks, then next summer (2016) make the 2nd half of the trip to Prudhoe bay.

Follow my journey at my website:


Gas ration stickers


May 27 - If you've been in the hobby for a while, chances are that you've seen gas ration stickers in the right corner of the windshields of restored cars. When World War II broke out, the U.S. Office of Price Administration (OPA) rationed gasoline on May 15, 1942, starting on the east coast and nationwide that December to assist in the war effort. This was in reaction to shortages of gasoline, and stickers were introduced to control the amount of gasoline that the public consumed.

By law, the stickers had to be affixed to the lower right side of the windshield. Most car hobbyists have seen the “A” gas ration sticker, but there were several more types issued.


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Newest Chapter

May 19 - MAFCA welcomes its newest chapter, Lower Mid Valley A's in Sunnyside WA. Their meetings are on the 4th Saturday at 1PM at the Sunnyside Mini Mall.

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history Smith Motor Company
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Upcoming Events

June 6-7 - Boise ID
Idaho 4 Banger 400

June 7-13 - Kennebunkport, Maine
MAFCA National Tour

June 8-12 - St. Joseph MO
2015 Midwest Regional Meet

June 11-14 - Beaumont TX
52nd Texas Tour

June 21 - Chantilly VA
Geo. Washington Chapter Car Show

June 21 - Salem OR
Annual Swap Meet

June 23-27 - Walla Walla WA
Northwest Regional Meet

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